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In his  interview at  Buddhist Geeks lama Surya Das was asked about the ways that would allow us to experience the transformative powers of spirituality in our everyday lives and outlined the following six building blocks as a base for a well-rounded and grounded spiritual practice.

  • a daily, formal spiritual practice period (meditation, prayer, yoga, chanting, etc)
  • some form of spiritual study (anything from opening the book of nature to studying yourself to studying your relationships)
  • inner growth work (therapy, men and women’s support groups, twelve step programs)
  • working with teachers, elders, experts, and mentors
  • group practice, being a part of a community
  • some form of service, giving back

He also noted that most of the time we already are doing one or two of those and that could be enough for some period of time (parenting, being a good colleague and worker, being engaged in the community work, etc). What I particularly was glad to hear was the point about the inner work. It is my understanding that meditation alone is not enough to help us deal with the internal issues and as another guest at BGs mentioned some time earlier, it was not designed for it.  This inner growth work includes any kind of self-inquiry work that gives us insights about ourselves such as expressive arts, gardening, contemplation.

I have been exploring different forms of inner work, depending on what I have access to and what appeals to me at the moment. Moving to a greener part of town that would allow me to take walks in the fields and the forest at any time was a way to come closer to nature that always brings me back to center and is conducive to the contemplative moods as opposed to analytical thinking. I see the inner work as coming close to the unconscious part of ourselves by getting to know its language that uses symbols to communicate to us.

“To get a true sense of who we are, become more complete and integrated human beings, we must go to the unconscious and set communication with it. …It is only by approaching it that we have a chance to become conscious, complete, whole human beings… We begin to live in partnership with the unconscious rather than at its mercy or in constant warfare with it.”

Robert A. Johnson “Inner Work: Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth”



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Your heart’s desire

One of the wonderful people at iEvolve posted a question “What does your heart desire?” a while ago and today as I was surrending to the cold taking its course in the body I allowed the spirit to play and see what the answer would be.

Freestyle painting on fabric


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Happy Birthday!

Today I am 26 (some would say 38 but who listens to them? ;-)). This is the first time I don’t feel like saying my age out loud.  It might seem like an accute case of midlife crises but I choose to see it as a crises of meaning. Meaning, I came to believe, is something I actively create and choose to align my life with and therefore there is always hope.

Ideas that I earlier saw as separate projects are now gathering into constallations almost without my conscious participation and tied up around one particular destination which is more about a way to be than a place to go to.  In other words, lots of work and I have no idea where I will end up. 🙂 I started drafting it and will tell more about it here and on Creative Response of course.

I never particularly liked pictures of myself but it can be fun to look back at that frozen in time and space image of now a stranger.

Apparently, I picked up Find-out-for-yourself principle at the tender age of hm… something. Haven’t stopped since then. Sometimes it costs me teeth but it’s entirely worth it.



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How can one die while still alive? What can bring us back to life?

Brilliant performance from Cirkus Cirkör featuring Irya’s Playground at Dansens Hus in Stockholm.


I saw it as a homage to circus as a form of  art and creative self-expression and a journey of self-discovery and re-connection with ourselves.

It is about taking risks in life and the courage to let go of the heart  and time after time choose to offer it to others in the generous way. In the process our hearts expand and get stronger.

I loved every minute of it! Great show for the whole family! Don’t miss it!

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The gardener is coming!

Is there anything that does not originate from China? I was not particularly surprised to find out that the Chinese were the first to start creating miniature landscapes and trees now known as bonsai. (more…)

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Artist date at Magasine3

Friday afternoon I took my inner artist for an artist date to Stockholm’s largest gallery Magasin3 . “To be continued…” gathered some of the works that had been created by artists from different countries in the last two decades specifically for Magasin3. (more…)

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