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“The world is immigrating into a global village, the question is how much do you want to belong.”

Vusi Mahlasel

Marc Jonson spent years travelling around the world, recording street musicians as part of what started as a project and then grew into a movement.  An amazing intitiative, “Playing for Change” unites people through music and inspiration, giving musicians that never met before opportunity to collaborate and create together. These videos made my morning and reminded me once again we are different but ultimately we all want the same thing.

One of my other favourites – “One Love”, featuring Bob Marley, Manu Chao, Bono and many musicians from the places around the world.

Marc talks about the project as a guest blogger on Bill Moyers Journal

What song(s) bring up in YOU the feeling of being part of the global community?


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How can one die while still alive? What can bring us back to life?

Brilliant performance from Cirkus Cirkör featuring Irya’s Playground at Dansens Hus in Stockholm.


I saw it as a homage to circus as a form of  art and creative self-expression and a journey of self-discovery and re-connection with ourselves.

It is about taking risks in life and the courage to let go of the heart  and time after time choose to offer it to others in the generous way. In the process our hearts expand and get stronger.

I loved every minute of it! Great show for the whole family! Don’t miss it!

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