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This is another year Reb Anderson invited us to have a jam session with him at a Zen sesshin on the tiny island of Idöborg in Stockholm archipelago. I suspect Reb developed a strong bond with the island and the cold waters of the Baltic sea as he keeps returning to this place just as many of us do.

The little experience of sitting sesshins I have come from this environment, with this teacher and basically this gang so in a way it was like going home. Meeting some of the people at the boat terminal on our way to the island was like seeing old friends again – it felt as if we never parted. Apparently, nothing brings people closer than sitting, surviving the contents of one’s mind, and working, walking, eating and sharing living space in silence for about a week.  Quite a few of the people have been to Green Gulch Farm where Reb’s been teaching and/or sat sesshins with him in other countries.



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Since I am not going to Green Gulch at the moment, Green Gulch seems to be coming to me (by way of the following invitation). So I am going on my first Zen sesshin and help me all Buddhas and Ancestors.

Zen Retreat

July 7 to 13, 2008

Teachings by Tenshin Reb Anderson, Roshi

On Idöborg in Stockholm’s archipelago, Sweden


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