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Ango: playing in the kitchen

Before we get sautéd in another koan, I took a chance to celebrate my return into the kitchen by cooking to a trance tune in the background and playing around.

“You must not leave the washing of rice or preparation of vegetables to others, but must carry out this work with your own hands. Put your whole attention into the work, seeing just what the situation calls for”

Dogen, “Instructions for the Zen Cook”

Was Dogen talking about food? What I hear is the same question that keeps coming up:

What does it mean to take responsibility for my life?

But back to the kitchen… For most part, I cook my meals myself.  Not an easy thing to do if you commute and have all evenings booked for preferably some other activity than cooking.  Still, this is my choice.  I save time, ingredients and energy by cooking a few meals at a time. Also, it has to be simple, fast and fun!



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A thousand new faces

Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful on for the evolution of  your consciousness.

– Eckhart Tolle

Yesterday I lost my day job, was “fired for redundancy”. Truth be told, I’ve been feeling stuck and uninspired with it for months but for a number of practical (mainly financial) reasons quitting was not a viable option. What to do? I have been living with this question and the sensation of restlessness and longing for a different way to earn my living, the one that would allow me to be more self-expressed and would resonate with my values. My inner mantra for these past few weeks has been, ” I am ready to be  moved but don’t know how. Take my fire! Use my fire! Be my fire! I am yours! ”  So when my boss came with the news of the unavoidable lay offs, I surprised her (and myself!) saying I was willing to go first. I have been asking to be moved, haven’t?  And if I want to be moved, I have to let go of the grip.


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Your heart’s desire

One of the wonderful people at iEvolve posted a question “What does your heart desire?” a while ago and today as I was surrending to the cold taking its course in the body I allowed the spirit to play and see what the answer would be.

Freestyle painting on fabric


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This year I have been reconnecting with the intuitive, wild and free spirit in me, allowing my body-mind-spirit to be taken to new territories through playful exploration in dance, yoga, art, sex, cooking, and what not. Bringing the element of play with its spontaneity into different aspects of life  shifts the focus from the outcome to the process itself in the way that most of us are familiar with and allows us to transcend the self-imposed limitations and ideas of what we could and could not do, judgements and fear of making mistakes. We know and accept that play involves taking risks, playing on the edge and with the edge itself, embracing the unknown and therefore treat surprise not as something threatening but as part of the game. Mistakes are viewed as experience. As the performance pressure dissipates, we become one with the activity. We are in the flow.


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